South Africa Hunts 2016

South Africa hunts are affordable! In 2015 we took 154 game animals with 5 groups of hunters. NO PRICE INCREASE for 2016 hunts, still $4,500 for 5 animals (cost details below).

Join us in 2016! Click for FREE DVD of 2015 trip! Additional animals available with photos and prices – CLICK HERE for details.

Depart the US:  May 14, May 21 or May 28, 2016

south africa hunts

South Africa hunts are affordable! As far as costs – the $4,500 covers the cost of the hunt, including 5 animals (kudu, gemsbok, impala, blesbok and springbok), meals, lodging, moderate alcohol, and laundry service during the hunt, 6 days hunting, 7 nights lodging – you will be gone about 10 days total counting your flights.

Additional costs:

  1. Airline tickets (checked Delta and SA Express on 7/20/15 and price is running about $1950 per person, Economy right now)- we use a travel agent who books SAA flights for us if you are interested in coordinating air travel with the group. IF YOU BOOK WITH US – you will get a FREE, round-trip ticket to any of several major cities in South Africa if you want to take an extra few days after the hunt for an excursion – we used ours to go to Cape Town in 2015
  2. Overnight stay in Johannesburg – about $100 per person (includes airport p/u and return the next day to fly to Kimberley where the outfitter picks us up), dinner and breakfast. Cash bar.
  3. Any extra animals you shoot (list at bottom of this page – PRICES MAY CHANGE – we will update these prices as we get them)
  4. Gratuity for PH’s and staff
  5. Taxidermy & freight back to the USA – CLICK HERE to see a 2015 Karoo Taxidermy Price list to get an idea of the cost of having your mounts done in South Africa – good for estimating overall cost of trip)
  6. Gun rental $100 per person plus ammo (if you’re not taking guns) OR gun permit costs/handling if you are taking guns (about $200 per person) we assist with paperwork to get the gun permits

IF YOU WANT TO GO on any of our South Africa hunts – DATES ARE ALREADY BEGINNING TO FILL (since we’re less than 12 months out, there’s been a great deal of response – we normally go every 2 years…) Departure dates from the USA are May 14, 21 and 28 (you’ll be gone about 10 days total counting the travel time) you need to let us know dates ASAP and send a $2,000 deposit per person to hold your spots.

IF YOU BOOK YOUR OWN AIRLINE TICKETS: You will need to coordinate with us on the roundtrip flight from JNB-KIM on South African Express airlines. You must be on specific flights with the rest of the group so that you can be picked up and returned with the group. It’s about 1.5 hours from KIM (Kimberley) to the lodge and only 1 trip is made to pick up guests each day.

Exchange rate in ZA is currently 12:1 – so your dollars will go farther! The animals pictured below are included in your $4,500 package for 2016:

south africa huntsKen Mayer has been hunting Africa (dangerous and plains game) since 1978. All American Outfitter (Ken and Roseann Mayer) has been taking clients to hunt South Africa for plains and dangerous game since 2009. Our South Africa hunts are traditional, affordable, offering each hunter the ability to harvest trophy animals. That’s why we’re headed back in May- early June 2016!

Why go with All American Outfitter?

  • Hunted Africa since 1978
  • Hunted with same outfitter, with our clients since 2009
  • Ken & Roseann Mayer will be along with you on your trip to assist in any way possible
  • Group airline reservations to and from the USA at competitive prices, airport transfers, gun permits, gun transfers in South Africa
  • Each trip is carefully planned with the specific game you wish to hunt along with every detail imaginable – electrical adapters, wi-fi, comfortable clothing suggestions, and any questions you might have can be answered within minutes of asking. Detailed information about what to expect each day, food service, obtaining gun permits, etc.
  • Exceptional trophy animals on every trip we’ve taken
  • Reasonable price for the hunt of a lifetime
  • Video some client hunts
  • Create and send you a DVD at the end of your trip of all the game on the trips, lodging and meals

Want to see some exciting videos from the 2015 South Africa hunts? Click the links below to view them in YouTube – they are awesome!

Click on the links below for more photos and information on our South Africa hunts

Dates and availability for 2016:

Depart the US:  May 14, May 21 and May 28

We harvested top notch trophies — the staff was professional and personalized our hunt to our group’s requests. Was the trip fun, exciting, rewarding and more? YES! Would we recommend this outfitter to others? YES!

This hunt and this outfitter is for every hunter…the PRICE is right, the QUALITY of the game seen, harvested and maturing on the hunting ground was exceptional.

Below is a simple list of the animals available – if you would like to see photographs and pricing click here: Additional animals can be taken for the trophy fees listed below – based on 2013 prices. You can TRADE OUT animals from your package to these, the trade out values are: Kudu $1000, Gemsbok $700, Blesbok $250, Impala $250 & Springbok $200

2015 Extra Animals Price list 2013 Price
Barbary Sheep-Aoudad $3,000 Mountain Reedbuck $900
Black Springbok $500 Nyala $2,500
Black Wildebeest $900 Red Hartebeest $900
Blesbok $400 Roan $6,500 $13,500
Blue Wildebeest $900 Sable $6,500 $9,000
Copper Springbok $2,000 Southern Greater Kudu $1,800
Cape Buffalo $18,000 Springbok $400
Cape Eland $1,800 Steenbok $400
Cape Kudu $1,500 Warthog $400
Fallow Deer $900 Waterbuck $1,800
Gemsbok $800 White Blesbok $500
Giraffe $3,500 White Springbuck $900
Impala $450 Zebra (Burchell’s) $1,300
Klipspringer $1,100 Zebra (Mtn.) POR
Lechwe $3,000 Lion $16,000 $18,000
Grey Duiker $400

Here a few links to helpful information about our South Africa hunts:

Where we stay in Johannesburg before leaving to fly the next day to Kimberley, ZA

A good resource to monitor the weather prior to departure – it’s winter there even though it’s summer in the USA

Our source for renting cell phones and mifi devices for a LESS EXPENSIVE alternative to US providers – we’ll give you instructions on how to purchase after you deplane in Johannesburg.

A place where we post information and photos of our hunters. When you hunt with us in South Africa we’ll post photos every day so your family and friends can keep up with your journey. LIKE the page and share it with your friends and family!