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Scouting Photos – Reports – by hunting season

Hunters enjoy scouting photos of the game we anticipate seeing during season. As often as possible before each season we post photos and videos from our game cameras. We hope you’ll come back often and see our updated scouting reports! Check out our awesome hunting, scouting, and lodge videos too!

Early Deer Scouting  Photos 2014 – check out a longer video here

The bucks  are still pretty nocturnal and not showing up a whole lot during daylight hours, but thought you would enjoy the deer we are seeing – the does, by the dozens, are frequenting all the feeders – where the does are, the bucks will follow! OH – the AM and PM times are just opposite on some of the Moultrie Cameras – the adjustment is out of  whack!

Pronghorn antelope hunts in NM – scouting photos taken June 28, 2014

We offer some of the finest trophy antelope hunting available anywhere. The southwest produces pronghorn of superior trophy quality. We consistently enjoy 95-100% success. These prairie speedsters can sometimes be difficult to hit. However, no trophy room is complete without one.

This two day hunt takes place the first weekend in October. We hunt one of the best trophy producing ranches in the southwest (around 100,000 acre ranch near Roswell, NM) consistently producing 14” to 18” bucks with heavy mass and huge cutters. These hunts are on a landowner permit basis only, which are hand selected for superior quality.

Whitetail Deer Season 2014 – COMING SOON!

Here’s a link to one of several 2013 Deer Scouting Videos!

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