Meals at AAO

Meals at All American Outfitter – what can a guest expect?

In our happy kitchen we prepare veritable feasts for our hunters, you won’t go hungry here! Although the meals make look fancier than hunting camps you’re used to, feel free to stay in your camo after the hunt – nobody stands on ceremony around here. The painting to the left hangs in the kitchen and was a gift from our ‘artist in residence’ (so to speak) Pat Matthews.

We do not supply any alcohol other than 1-2 glasses of wine per guest with particular dinners at the lodge – if you want beer, more wine or the hard stuff, either bring it with you or purchase beer and liquor at the Hitching Post across from the Clarendon Golf Course about a mile south of the lodge or beer and wine at many stores in Clarendon.

Breakfast meals:

  • Egg burritos, or Sausage-egg biscuits, or Egg croissants
  • Overnight Maple oatmeal
  • Egg & apple wood-smoked bacon ramekins
  • Muffins and more – breakfast is light and snack basket is full of goodies to pack your pockets well. Hot lunches (large portions) are served around Noon each day. We have found that most hunters prefer the light breakfasts to a heavy one.

Luncheon meals:

  • Homemade ELK lasagna, sweet corn pudding & green salad with homemade Ranch dressing – freshly baked carrot cake and red velvet cake are typical lunch desserts
  • Elk Burgers
  • New Mexico specialties like Mark Miller’s Posole and Santa Fe School of Cooking’s Green Chile Stew served with warm flatbread or tortillas and a green salad
  • Shrimp & crawfish gumbo – Cajun style with fresh seafood served on a rice pilaf
  • Helen Corbitt’s Green Spinach Noodle and chicken casserole – this is a highly requested item from return guests and gets rave reviews
  • Made from scratch Chicken Pot Pie with puff pastry crust
  • Hatch green chili Chicken Spaghetti with green chili corn casserole and a salad
  • King Ranch Casserole, Poppy seed Chicken, Venison Stroganoff and Venison meat loaf with Pomegranate molasses glaze can also be luncheon fare

Evening meals:

  • Cracked Black Pepper crusted prime rib (we allow 14-19oz. per guest!), truffle mashed potatoes & green bean bundles served with Sis’s yeast rolls and Roseann’s version of Sourdough bread pudding with Jack Daniels sauce
  • Coriander duck breast with Maple glaze, cheese grit soufflé, grilled fresh asparagus spears and Sis’s yeast rolls hot out of the oven! This is our most requested evening meal for returning guests…along with the bread pudding mentioned above.
  • Seared Sea Bass atop mascarpone risotto floating atop a lobster bisque
  • Gingered rack of Venison with wasabi potatoes and seared lemon broccoli served with rolls and Roseann’s Crème Brule for dessert.
  • Pork tenderloin or pork chops with a Wild Plum-Red Wine reduction, from scratch macaroni and cheese, Harvard beets and black-eyed peas fresh from local farmers with cheese rolls and apple pie for dessert.
  • Quail in sherry sauce on a wild rice pilaf served with grilled green beans and sautéed carrots with sourdough bread and caramel apple pie for dessert.
  • and other evening meals comparable to these as Roseann finds other seasonal items and meats, fish, poultry available locally

A note from Roseann:

img_8890-x3I have been so privileged to prepare meals for our guests over the past 13 years and have learned a lot about the meals they like. Since 2004 Chef Jeff Moschetti has been an incredible friend and mentor – I’ve been taught by a James Beard Award nominee and benefited from his knowledge and genuine kindness toward me and our operation. This past summer I needed wine pairing information chefjeff and mefor a new dish I was preparing and ChefJeff responded to a phone call while he was white water river rafting…now that’s friendship!

I hope you all will enjoy the food service while hunting with us – if you have special dietary requirements I’ll try to meet them, just let me know about 60 days ahead of your arrival. If you want a recipe, just ask – I’m happy to share just as my dear friend, ChefJeff has shared with me.




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